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Visual speed-dial for calls, FaceTime, SMS and email that's right at home on your iPhone!

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Not just a pretty face

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Favorites lets you speed-dial (or speed-FaceTime, speed-SMS, or speed-email) your favorite contacts, with a UI you won't want to hide.

Add badges to your favorites, pick numbers for calling, FaceTime and SMS, choose a default email address to use, and more. Choose whether to show names, or just pictures. Use it your way.

Favorites fully supports the Retina Display on iPhone 4, so your contacts will always look their very best (here's how Favorites looks on a Retina Display). Favorites also supports multi-tasking on iOS 4.

(Mouse over the screenshot to see how Favorites looks when it's set to display the names of your contacts.)

Speed-dial isn't just for calls

Overlay showing Phone, Text and Email buttons, with number preview

Choose your default action (call, FaceTime, SMS or email), and trigger it with one tap. When you want to do something else, just double-tap to show the overlay. With Core Animation goodness built in, naturally.

No place like Home

Edit mode, rearranging or deleting favorites

Why learn a new way to interact with your iPhone when you already know the best one like the back of your hand? Manage your favorites just like you manage your apps on the Home screen!

Drag your favorites around to move them (the others will politely move out of the way), or tap the X button to delete. Don't worry, Favorites will ask if you're really sure first.

Your favorites, your way

Choosing options for a favorite, including preferred phone and SMS numbers, email address, badge and label

These favorites are yours, so customize them however you like. Pick a contact, some phone-numbers and an email address, and you're good to go.

Optionally, add a badge to remind you that this favorite is for Theodore's mobile number instead of his work number, and pick a name to show below the favorite.

Favorites will automatically suggest some suitable names from various permutations of the contact's nickname, first name, last name and full title.

Change it up

Settings screen in Favorites

No two people are alike, so you're not stuck with using Favorites the same way that we use it here at Instinctive Code. Maybe you email more often than you call, or maybe you want to trigger the overlay with one tap instead of two?

Favorites has you covered - check out the settings (either within Favorites itself, or in the Settings application if you prefer) and tweak til you're happy. You can even set custom wallpaper to appear behind your favorites.

Help is at hand

Built-in full tutorial

It's surprising how few iPhone apps have any kind of help available - and even that often requires going online. Not so with Favorites; you'll find a full tutorial (with explanatory screenshots) built right in. Read it anytime you need to refresh your memory about how something works.

Still having trouble? Head over to our Favorites Support area, and we'll be happy to help out!


Accessibility logo

Favorites is fully accessible to blind and visually impaired users via VoiceOver, the accessibility technology built into iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. You can create, edit, rearrange and delete favorites, use the overlay, access the settings, read the tutorial and more.

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding accessibility in Favorites, send us a message via our contact page.

Available Now

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And hey, have you been working out? Because you look great!


Favorites does more than you might think.

  • Quickly call, FaceTime, SMS or email all your favorite contacts.
  • Choose the action you perform most, and access it with one tap.
  • Apply badges to contacts for Mobile, Home or Work numbers.
  • Manage your favorites just like you manage apps on your Home screen.
  • Full tutorial built-in.
  • Always in sync with your Contacts.
  • Designed to look and feel right at home on your iPhone.

If you need some help with Favorites, visit our support area.