iPad, iPhone & Mac OS X Development and Usability Services

Instinctive Code provides development and review services for Mac OS X (Cocoa) and iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch applications (Cocoa Touch), including creation of custom user interface elements, various forms of integration, and related tasks. We also provide usability and accessibility reviews of your applications.

Our services are split into two broad categories of development and review, and some of our specific services and skills are described below.

If you're interested in discussing a potential project, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can also browse our online portfolio.

Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to independent developers. We're proud to have Apple, Inc. as a long-standing, regular client.

Two platforms, one technology

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Mac OS X and iPad/iPhone development have something in common: Cocoa. The Cocoa frameworks (AppKit and Foundation on Mac OS X, and UIKit and Foundation on iPad and iPhone) are modern, object-oriented APIs for rapid and full-featured application development.

Your project can benefit from our years of experience in Cocoa development for Mac OS X, whether you intend to deploy on Mac OS X or on iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch. We've been developing Mac applications using Cocoa since before Mac OS X 10.0 was released, and we've been developing for the iPhone since the day the SDK first became available.

Whatever the nature of your project, we can help. The mostly commonly requested development work we undertake includes:

  • Mac, iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch applications
  • Components for existing projects, including custom UI elements and controls
  • Integration with web services and server-side technologies

But that's not all. You can count on us for:


Mac Applications

Your own project, designed and implemented from start to finish. Distribute yourself or via the Mac App Store.


iPad and/or iPhone Applications

Let us create your new application for the most talked-about platform around: iOS. Get onto the App Store!



We can work on parts of your existing project to significantly reduce your development time.


Custom Controls

Need a new user interface element as a native Cocoa control for your app? No problem.


System Integration

Let us help you integrate your app with Mac OS X or iOS, including Address Book and calendar data, FaceTime cameras and more.



We can create rich animated interfaces using Core Animation and OpenGL for maximum visual impact.



We can make your app work with the database engine of your choice, including local databases and Core Data.



We're experienced in creating kiosk/full-screen applications, including touch-screen interaction.


Web Services

We can integrate desktop or mobile applications with new or existing web services.



Have a Cocoa app already but need a plug-in API? We can design and implement it, including creating API documentation for developers.



We can ensure your app is fully localizable (including Nib/Xib user interfaces), and can arrange translation services if necessary.



Need an iOS or Mac OS X version of your Windows application? We can work with you to help make it happen.

And much more. To discuss the details of your project, check our upcoming availability or enquire about rates, please contact us. You can also browse our portfolio.

Usability and Interaction Reviews

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The era of inscrutable, difficult-to-use software is officially over. Customers expect intuitive, understandable user interfaces that help rather than hinder, and purchasing decisions are made based on these factors even moreso than core functionality.

Instinctive Code provides highly affordable usability and interaction reviews of your software, specialising in iOS and Mac OS X apps. After completing an initial questionnaire and providing a copy of your application, we will thoroughly review its user interface, flow of interaction, user-visible text, visual hierarchy and core metaphors, preparing a screen-by-screen usability report.

Our aim will be to point out areas of your app's user experience which could be improved, and to advise on how to proceed with those improvements. We will:

  • Review your app screen by screen or section by section.
  • Pay special attention to areas you have particular concerns or questions about.
  • Assign an overall green/amber/red usability rating to each section.
  • Detail any issues with the flow of interaction and the user interface.
  • Make concrete suggestions for improvements, with alternatives wherever possible.
  • Provide a full, illustrated report of our findings.
  • Ensure a timely turnaround, without sacrificing thoroughness.

First impressions matter, and your customers' patience can wear thin quickly. We can help ensure your app is as intuitive and usable as possible, putting the customer on your side from the start. Contact us to find out more.

If you'd like to read more about intuitive software design and related areas, Instinctive Code's principal Matt Gemmell has written many articles on the topic. A small selection can be found below.

Matt has also given a number of keynote and other presentations (and full-day workshops) at industry conferences worldwide, focusing on usability and intuitive interaction design. Some videos (both free and for purchase) of those sessions are linked below.

Matt also writes opinion pieces on development and usability (and iOS-focused development tutorials) in the Dev_Zone section of every issue of Tap! magazine, from Future Publishing in the UK.

We can help ensure that your app is as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.
Contact us to find out more.

Accessibility Reviews

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We believe strongly that software should be accessible to anyone, regardless of physical ability. The Mac OS X and iOS platforms include built-in accessibility technology called VoiceOver, allowing users with visual impairments to fully access the user environment and applications.

Instinctive Code is pleased to announce a new service beginning in 2011: VoiceOver accessibility reviews, with a particular focus on iOS applications.

We can review your iPad or iPhone app and provide a report on where (and how) its accessibility support can be improved, both for partially-sighted and blind users. Naturally, we can also provide development services to enhance your app's accessibility. Contact us to find out more.

If you're interested in reading more about supporting VoiceOver accessibility in your iOS application, we've written a popular article on the topic.

Our Services

We provide bespoke development and review services for Mac OS X, iPad & iPhone software, including:

  • iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch applications
  • Mac applications development
  • Usability reviews
  • User interface & interaction design
  • Custom controls and UI elements
  • Rich animation
  • Kiosk and touch screen software
  • Web services integration
  • Accessibility support and reviews
  • Extensibility
  • Localization
  • And more

If you'd like to discuss a project, please contact us.

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